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    Cheongdamdong Alice

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    • Barb & Jessica

      Cheongdamdong Alice, Korean Drama, 16 Episodes. (2012) An aspiring fashion designer lands the job of her dreams in the luxurious but shallow world of Cheongdam-dong, and discovers that it will take more than hard work to succeed in this business.

    • Sandra Hawk

      Cheongdamdong Alice (청담동 앨리스) - 2012-13 (16 episodes) This deconstruction of the "Candy" romance script is wonderful. It's delightful and brillantly acted. For me it had no feels, but on it's intellectual strength and quality -- 5 stars. #Cheongdamdong Alice #청담동앨리스 #KimJiSuk #MoonGeunYoung #ParkSiHoo #SoEHyun #kdrama

    • Jessica Andrews

      cheongdamdong alice - Liked Moon Geun Young way better in Mary Stayed Out All Night. Her character was so mean to that poor guy! She didn't deserve him, he was Prince Charming and she was a gold digger. I love Park Shi Hoo, he plays lively characters and you always kind of feel sorry for them. His specialty seems to be crying. Every time I watch him in a drama he ends up crying.

    • Susan Timmons

      REVIEW 1/5: "Cheongdamdong Alice" (2012 kdrama) Disappointing drama following a poor (but smart and spunky, of course) girl who gets criticized for trying to "marry up" by seducing a successful fashion designer. Park Si-hoo as the male lead was entertaining but otherwise this suffered from a boring plot with little humor or chemistry, and uneven attempts to reference Alice in Wonderland. Skip it. ~ s.e.t.

    • Christine Horas

      Cheongdamdong Alice ~ Cast : Park Shi Hoo, Moon Geun Young, So Yi Hyun, Kim Ji Suk

    • Gary G.

      Cheongdamdong Alice Korean Drama | Dramaholics

    • Maria Pia Carta

      Cheongdamdong Alice - k drama

    • Cori Kamisato

      Cheongdam dong Alice

    • Meyra Türk


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    i need a romance korean drama - Google Search


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