I think this is an article about teaching kids things about money but I just love the little girls dress and I think I could sew it if I tried.

Teaching Kids What To Do If They Get Lost. This is so important, teach kids to look for community helpers and other mommies with kids if ever they can't find you.

Newco Kids Princess Heart Chair Minky

I did this for my oldest son when he was little. Awesome for saving memories.

Teaching our Kids RITE from RONG

Breakfast at Tiffany's baby outfit That is literally the most adorable thing

Nuborn Little Jewel Sandal

Beautiful dress

Save Money on Disney Trips

Love this little girls dress

Pretty sure every little girl needs these

Brilliant idea... if you are Martha Stewart. Saving this pin for when I have a kiddo.

Tips on How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money

Kids and Money

figgy's SCIROCCO

OMG! These little girl clothes are so cute.

Love the dress

Teaching kids about the power of prayer.

I know this picture is meant to showcase this kid's dress, but it just reminds me of a really creepy "time out."

Little note from the Tooth Fairy

I need a pattern for THIS WHOLE OUTFIT! Especially the lacy ruffled leggings! Adorable, love the outfit