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    makeovers by Sandy Dumont via Slideshare

    Only a Pilates student could do this.Seriously!

    Redheads DON'T look good in teal. They look better in royal blue.

    These photos were taken on the same day. #imagearchitect #makeovers #style

    This is what happens if you match your superficial appearance! Blondes DON'T look good in baby pink!

    Never dress to match your superficial appearance - as all the famous books suggest! In other words, don't wear brown if your skin is brown; don't wear baby pink if you have light skin.

    Color makes the difference. By the way, gentlemen, always button your jacket when standing.

    How to get a date on eHarmony, etc. Get a makeover!

    Brown lipstick should be banned from the universe!

    The devil is in the details! Little things can make a big difference.

    When you wear black, you need lipstick! And the proper foundation and blusher colors!

    Asians do NOT have yellow skin; however, they can appear sallow in warm colors, like those on the left. In cool colors, the skin appears pink.

    Little tweaks make a big difference: changed lip and eyebrow shape, makeup colors, clothing colors,earrings. #imagearchitect #makeovers

    Which one is the CEO?

    What a difference a day makes! Makeovers that change lives - by Sandy Dumont. #imagearchitect #makeovers

    Polos are the most unflattering style for men. They always reveal a tummy and sloping shoulders.

    Blondes look boring in baby pink! In the hands of an expert, they look extraordinary in black! #imagearchitect #makeovers

    This golden blonde is NOT a Spring. Peach makes her skin look splotchy, and she looks older. #imagearchitect #makeovers

    Proven with 30 years research! #imagearchitect #makeovers

    This redhead is NOT an Autumn, and she DOES look great in red! #imagarchitect #makeovers

    Go from demure to dynamic with an image makeover by Sandy Dumont. #imagearchitect #makeovers

    The best way to get a job after graduation is to have an image makeover! #imagearchitect #interviewdress

    You can go from drab to dynamic and increase your bottom line! #imagearchitect

    What a difference color makes!