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Umbrella Umbrella | Simple, yet instantly recognizable for RE fans

Zombie defense in Spanish

I don't think I could have decor like this full-time, but I would definitely use it to freak out my guests at a zombie-theme party

Someone has combined Batman and zombies into something I can wear?! Be still my beating heart!

Black anatomical heart pencil holder. Not strictly zombie, I acknowledge, but I'd totally use it in my bunker

Cadavatar. Oh how easily I am amused

Umbrella Corp mint tin

The next installment in my already too large magnetic poetry collection

A guidebook on speaking zombie for those who'd rather assimilate than exterminate

I think a whole series of posters remaking classic movies into zombie films would be the perfect thing to decorate my bunker between emergency weapon cases

I'm not sure why a zombie Hawkman mask is a thing, but it looks awesome and I want it

Would these zombie wine bottle stoppers gross out guests too much?

It probably says a lot about my mental state that I think this is adorable

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan - another to-read. The title alone sounds fantastic, and I've heard it's it's a turn-around from the usual path of zombie books - instead of watching the sole sane survivors in a word gone mad, it follows one woman as she unravels.

Deadalicious. Awesome.

Monster Island (Zombies, #1) by David Wellington - haven't read it yet, but it's on my list! I also love this cover

Feed By: Mira Grant - I wish the main character/narrator was a bit more flawed, but I still ravenously read this. Now I just have to get the next book in the trilogy.

A breakdown of basic survival tactics

Bean bag toss for a zombie-theme party. How-to at the link: halloweenalliance...

Oh would that I could justify putting money down for even just one of these zombie beer mugs! They also make ice cream cups. You can see their whole kickstarter page here: www.kickstarter.c...

Obviously, you'll need something to carry supplies during the zombpocalypse

The Zombot

It makes so much sense now. The cat is a zombie! "You'll never know the truth, unless you open the box."

The Huffington Post has a whole section dedicated to zombie news and articles

Important zombie emergency procedures everyone should know