FREE Virtual Envelope App for iPhone & Android. Solves the issue of one spouse not knowing how much they can spend because they don't have the cash envelopes with them. Work beautifully with Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU) and "Zero-Based" Budgeting.

The 10 must have iphone apps - imagine if you don't have any one of it, your iphone will be useless

My Weekly Budget | TopAppsToday My Weekly Budget (MyWB) lets you focus on a simple spending target for the current week. Focusing week-by-week on keeping within a spending target helps you meet your budget, and saves you money over time.

envelope book, this would be an easy, nice looking, way to organize things like receipts, money, and other important paper things.

The Awesome Note App for iPhone and iPad is the best calendar/to do list I have found yet!

Dave Ramsey allocated budget graciously created by someone who is willing to share it for free. Must have Excel to work it. It has saved my sanity in budget making!

26 Week Christmas Savings Plan – Start with $26 a week End with $1001 by Black Friday

Awesome tips and inspiration to get out of debt! Love this story and the ideas!

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps I swear to you this works if you go step by step because of Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps I am almost out of student loan debt

How we paid of $60,000 of debt in one year (and you can, too!)

Dave Ramsey's Budget Percentages


Free Debt Snowball Calculator in an Excel spreadsheet. Perfect compliment to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU) or those on a "Zero Based Budget".

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Home Remedies

6 odd tips for paying off debt

How to Stick to the Envelope System Without Cash

printable budget envelopes

Savings Plan