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    • Kylie Mecham

      Girls have no idea what a guy see's has more truth & will never be forgotten you lying, cheating whore

    • Nur Amalina

      Quote with picture about Guys have no idea how long something they said can stay in a girl's mind on

    • Jackie Schartung

      girls have no idea how many fucks guys give about little inane things that get stuck in girls' heads. (hint: it's less than 1)

    • Alisha Link

      The nice things; the bad things; the sweet things; the careless things; the gentlemanly things; the crass things. Watch what you say, guys. We girls don't forget easily.

    • Aspen Anderson

      "girls are like taxes, file them and put them away" the meanest thing i've ever overheard a guy say about me. i'll nevaa forget it

    • Katie Guth

      It's so true! But girls need to not read into hat a guy says.... Don't make something out of nothing!

    • Tjekijas Design

      Guys have no idea how long something they said can stay in a girl's mind. ... So True!

    • Michael Jackson

      That's a two-way street girlie - and most importantly, girls can say most ANYTHING they want whereas most guys have learned that if you do, it'll end in some manifestation violence. Since arbitrary society gives girls implicit force-fields, this leads to disproportionately more females that never had to learn when to not go too far and cut too deep when they are on a soul-stabbing roll. Most men learn to throttle their slanders to avoid ending up on Cops. I'm not saying I haven't scarred a soul or two. I am saying though that I best learned how from a girl who 'FELT' she was in the right (the reality of the matter being entirely inconsequential when the emotion card is out of the deck). Let's not forget the XX-chromosome based hold-onto-everything-despite-it-mutually-being-agreed-to-be-settled and desperately blurt it as a non-sequitor to confuse the issue at hand, in arguments-you-are-in-fear-of losing later phenomenon. If you can't 'win' fair, it's not winning. 6 year olds know that. Best practice for BOTH sexes: Let the negative go, else you give it power over you, and that makes you the weaker person. Who wants to be weaker than some jerk or biznitch that said sucky mean things? "We teach best that which we most need to learn" This should read: IRRESPONSIBLE CLUELESS WASTES-OF-FLESH SCAR OTHERWISE WONDERFUL PEOPLE FOR LIFE AND SPREAD THEIR DISEASE THUS MAKING THE WORLD A WORSE PLACE FOR THEIR LACK OF BOTH RESTRAINT AND ENLIGHTENMENT THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT LINGERING NEGATIVE REPERCUSSIONS THEIR ACTIONS MANIFEST or something like that, this is all train of thought after all. Have a nice day and please don't confuse thought-provoking with inflammatory. Asperger powa!

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    It NEVER fails. Seriously.

    So very true

    This is true

    Nicholas Sparks

    "A girl doesn't need to tell you straight up how she feels, it's written all over the way she behaves when you're around". ~ true quote~


    true that!

    So true!!!

    Couldn't have said it any better.

    Uh Huh.

    Love of a mother #single mother

    After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh. - Mr. Big

    Oliver Gal 'The Time' Wall Art available at #Nordstrom Great point! I'd buy this.


    & I've never read anything more true

    A point I couldn't have put into words.

    bro tip

    This is so true! But the guy that doesn't think he deserves that girl that girl doesn't think she deserves him.