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Reminds me of Cadiz, Spain where I saw little kids jumping off a bridge into the water, I miss that being my afternoon activity.

What is better than morning at the ocean? A sing in the morning at the ocean!

A crisp fall evening with a fire and a beautiful view.

This reminds me of the old rope in Turtle Bay. Stupid safety laws ruined it for future generations. So lucky we had the chance to experience it :)

Peaceful, creates a desire to be here, for a while. @Eve Ringers via Natalie loves anything fabulous

TIRE SWING- I will definitely have this in my yard, brings back childhood memories

My grandma used to have one in her backyard. When she went out to pick blue berries I used to hop on this and play until she was done then go inside and help her clean them off.

Tire swing and a beautiful view. Looks like the recipe for a beautiful childhood to me.

Tire swing! My grandpa used to say when he was tired of swinging us on the tire swing "time to let the cat die down" Lacy Berry