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1959 Chanel Perfume Ad "Chanel No. 5 Spray Cologne"

1959 CHANEL PERFUME vintage magazine advertisement "Chanel No. 5 Spray Cologne" ~ Newest and neatest of life's luxuries: Chanel No. 5 Spray Cologne ~


L'Arte Di Gucci Perfume 1.7 Oz Eau De Parfum Spray

from Vintage Adventures

1958 Chanel Cologne Ad "For the first time"

1958 CHANEL COLOGNE vintage magazine advertisement "For the first time" ~ New! Chanel No 5 Spray Cologne - For the first time the cool modern efficiency of a measured spray in the sleek, chic beauty of Chanel's own gold and black metal case. Light and sturdy, designed by Chanel for the age of air travel. Economical to use and luxurious to own -- a gift of surpassing elegance. About 800 sprays are yours to command -- "fragrance at your fingertips." ~

24 Faubourg от Hermes e ухайна покана за пътешествие, чиято дестинация е самото слънце. Създаден от Maurice Roucel през 1995 година, тови невероятен аромат е експлозия от бели цветчета, обвити в топла, пленяваща чувственост.

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Premier Jour by Nina Ricci for Women

Introduced in 2001 by Nina Ricci, Premier Jour is a fragrance for the modern woman who is assured and refined...