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It's the cramper van! Dubbed the Cramper Van, the world’s smallest, lightest RV can seat up to four close friends in a pinch although one of the seats folds down over the two-ring hob and sink.

Bufalino camper could make your life easy ... pretty versatile little vehicle!

Had one! But ours was purple with a white top. No heat..sausage fingers in the winter from frost bite driving it!!

This is the Sealander, a camping trailer small enough to be towed behind a regular-sized car that, when backed into the water, turns into a lil boat. The tiny trailer can be pulled behind a car, the interior rearranges from kitchen to sleeping area, and best of all, you can put the pod out on the water if you feel like going boating for a bit.

There are colors that stir the soul - yellow is that color for me - Chris Mott -

Some cars have such classic lines you don't have to see the whole thing to know what it is.

Bully Volkswagen- well not a trailor but you could live in it!!

I don't know how they made the doors hinge like that but I want to do it.

It may be a humble Beetle but this is one of the best shots I've seen of one, stunning shape if ever there were one.