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Star Wars: May 25th 1977

Spoilers may occur If ever there was a nostalgic movie, Stars Wars is right up there.

Lol poor Pluto :(

Back In My Day We Had Nine Planets I remember the year they had changed it. My class and I had to put on a play about the planets, but Pluto had just become a dwarf planet. So when we sung our little planet sung, we had to hum over pluto

Mel, member doing this in Mema's laundry room closet....lol

I did this all the time (ALL. THE.) in the doorway to the hallway. Mom hollered at me and Dad thought it was awesome!

When you wake up ready to say, "I think I'll make a snappy today!" (snap, snap) It's such a good feeling, a very good feeling.

Fred Rogers and His Neighborhood He was our best friend and our neighbor. He took us to the land of make-believe with King Friday and Queen Wednesday. Mr Roger's neighborhood is a show that many of us fondly remember and grew up with.

Jim Henson

Today we remember Muppets creator Jim Henson on what would have been his birthday. Which Muppet was your favorite?

to boldly nope where no one has noped before

Sass: The Final Frontier. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new sass, to seek out new sass and civilization, to boldly sass where no one has sassed before.