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Meet the largest bat on earth-the Pemba flying fox. These bats are fruit and nectar eaters and have an average wingspan of 6'.

Tiny bat disapproves of your shenanigans.

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Existe um Outro Panda, Ainda Mais Adorável!

Red Panda My favorite! More

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Feel the force: Tube-nosed bat which bears striking resemblance to Yoda discovered as scientists find hundreds of new species

Tube-Nosed Bat, discovered in Papua, New Guinea: Jedi Master? #Bat #New_Guinea

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Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox because I had one, so sweet and soooo pretty they are

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The find of a lifetime: Bizarre 'panda bat' discovered in South Sudan

'panda bat' discovered in South Sudan 4/10/13 The bat, found in South Sudan, is so rare researchers believe it is an entirely new genus.