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    Art old as humanity! The Panel of Hands in Spain's El Castillo cave. One of the stencils has been dated to earlier than 37,300 years ago, and a red disk goes back at least 40,800 years, making them the oldest cave paintings in Europe. #ancient #art #archeology #shaman #cave #cavepainting #neanderthal #human #history #humanity #earth

  • jean maier

    The Panel of Hands, El Castillo Cave, Spain. A hand stencil has been dated to earlier than 37,300 years ago and a red disk to earlier than 40,600 years ago, making them the oldest cave paintings in Europe. Image courtesy of Pedro Saura from Jun 2013 Iberian paintings are Europe's oldest cave art, uranium-series dating study confirms Read more at:

  • Teresa Erwin

    Prehistoric Cave painting | 35000 years ago | Ancient Art History

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Spain officially homes to world’s oldest cave art. An analysis of a red disk painted on a wall in El Castillo cave in northern Spain has dated the work back 40,800 years, making it the world’s oldest cave art.

Ancient Hand Stencils • Credit: Pedro Saura • A red pigment disk in the El Castillo Cave is older than 40,800 years. Some researchers suspect this primitive art may have been done by Neanderthals.

Prehistoric Cave painting from 35000 years ago. The question is, what were they trying to depict in this piece of Ancient Art History?

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This undated photo shows a detail of the 'Panel of Hands' in El Castillo Cave, Spain, showing red disks and hand stencils made by blowing or spitting paint onto the wall. A date from a disk shows the painting to be older than 40,800 years, making it the oldest known cave art in Europe. Pedro Saura/AAAS/AP