Princess Castle Cake

Disney Princess Cake

Fashion Cake.. this is too much ;')

Princess Castle Cake By MaryPily on


Princess Castle Cake - everything is edible!

Princess Cake

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beautiful butterfly cake

Very cute Garden Birthday cake by Wild Orchid Baking Co., via Flickr. Looks fairly simple--a good cake for a beginning cake decorator!

Fun IDEA !! Castle Cake... 2 square cakes on top of one another with icing, .... cookies for the towers,( a wee bit of icing in between cookies for gluing them together ) chocolate bar pieces for brick ... kit kat chocolate slab for Drawbridge. Could use pink for princess birthday.

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Chocolate Castle Cake

Ladybug Cake

Castle cake....window at the turret bases....monochromatic....overall look....delicate....

So cute-- perfect for Ali or Madi-- (yeah now if only a fairy god mother would pop out and give me the ability to actually make it)

Princess castle cake

Princess castle cake

Bake a castle cake---Matilda would want a giant dragon next to it!

Princess Tower - Yummy!