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Araripe Manakin

✯ Tufted Puffin

Exotic bird

Collared Puffbird (Bucco capensis) ❤

Malaquita Kingfisher

Taiwan Blue Magpie

The Cassowary Bird, Australia

Kaempfer’s Woodpecker

White-crested hornbill by Johannes Pfleiderer


Egyptian goose



white ibis - eudocimus albus - by Darlene Boucher

Guianan Cock of the Rock

Nicobar Pigeon

Golden-Breasted Starling

Colourful bird / Does anyone know what type of bird is this? The pic is from a Samsung wallpaper and although I googled the image, it isn't bringing me a description. Answers welcome.

European Goldfinch

Toucan in Costa Rica.

Golden Cap Manakin Bird

Amazing Owl Photo

♥ Couples - Sasi - smit

Cutest little owl ever!

Mountain Bluebird