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Getting Lots Of Rest This Week

by Livethelifeyoudreamabout
Getting Lots Of Rest This Week | Sarah Sarna | A Lifestyle Blog
  • G Michael Salon - Indianapolis

    Words of Wisdom. Work Hard & Sleep. #pinspiration #inspiration #quotes #inspirational #inspiring #print #backgrounds #wordsofwisdom #wisewords #beinspired #happy #life #amazing

  • Nicheness

    #typography #lettering #logos #fonts

  • Tori Packer

    Definitely got the work hard part's the sleep thing I haven't quite grasped yet..

  • Grace Rice

    life motto

Work Hard, Life, Inspiration, Quotes Sleep, Things, Living, Fonts, Typography, Mottos

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- ¡Pondré los cinco sentidos! + Pero con una condición: no más noches en blanco, porque el no dormir es el principal enemigo del trabajo bien hecho. Además, también es malo para la belleza. "Porco Rosso", 1992. Miyazaki

Stay true to you, doors will open and peace and people will fill you, when you are authentic, you are magnetic! Be alive and beautiful in your skin!

zacharysmithh: Want to set yourself apart from most? Work. Hard. Those who work hard, are the ones who make it far.

Haha.. Maybe not but I did feel really good after I got my first 100% quality back from work this month... ugh... been working hard and it seems like our quality team likes to fail people and nit pick!!! I will work harder for them to not have anything to say negative about my calls. HERE WE Go next time I will only get 100 percent back!!!!

I'm as curious as a cat. The energy felt behind curiousity is electric and offers stimulation. Fear energy is bad and staticity. #inspiring

Words of Wisdom. "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." Virginia Woolf