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Le Marais, Paris - seen through stained glass I LOVE stained glass.

"Hey baby let's go to the county fair' he said impulsively. And she loved that about him so naturally she said yes imagining all the candy apples and ice cream sandwiches they would share between kisses.

How many of you had a big slide in your childhood. My mom and I love to go for a slide or two,

Love the simple fun of a good ferris wheel - especially the moment when it stops and your swinging gingerly at the top. #ferris_wheel #rides #fair #sign #vintage #carnival

#ferris #wheel reminds us of #summer #nights at the #county #fair

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Carnival Photography / Baby Room Decor / Carnival Ride / Pastel Baby Room / Nursery Wall Art / Bokeh Photography print / 'Take a Chance'

Carnival Photography - Peach rose decor - baby room decor - pale pastel nursery wall art - bokeh photography print 8x8 "Take a Chance"

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