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Goths in dreadlocks, anyone? I don't think I can pull it off but it sure looks awesome. :: #dreadstop

I'm one of those people who think dreads are rad as heck (on the right person.) #noshame :: #dreadstop

different ways to wrap dreads, and sticking with neutral colors is kinda different and interesting, too :)

These look messy... but idk why I like them! I guess its a good messy. #dreadlocks #ashlikesthis :: #dreadstop

Beautiful dreaded hair. Whenever my hair gets tangly and huge, it doesn't look as awesome as this. :-(

Ha! I found a picture of the back of my head on pinterest!!!!

it'll happen one day. when i get reeeally sick of doing my hair.

In maybe 3-4 years?..... I'll be able to use em as a scarf! Or a hat! Or a blanket!

Trust me, if I could pull these off-I would be all over it!