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it is....when your a kid you can't wait to be a "grown up", but when you get there... you can't stop wanting to go back

Regardless of what "job" I may have; I am always an Artist!

You are always on my mind. You are my lover and best friend. You will always be the one whom my soul loves. I love you Ryan with all of my heart and more with each passing day.

Y a des jours comme ça...on a juste envie de rester dans son lit, la tête dans les nuages et s'aérer l'esprit. Pardon. Aujourd'hui, je suis juste en mode OFF. ☺️ Bonne journée à tous!

YES! How do you ever expect to become who you were meant to be, a person with your own views and opinions if you've only ever let yourself believe what other people tell you? Figure it out for yourself. Believe what you want to believe and stand firm in those beliefs.

from Etsy

She Designed a Life She Loved - Art Print - Inspirational Wall Art - Girls Art - Gold - Typography - Love Life - Goals - Inspirational

design a life you love

BE smart.... Si quieres ser plenamente feliz debes pensar muy bien sobre esta cita...a veces el cerebro bloquea la verdadera felicidad que te demanda el corazón