House In Leiria / Aires Mateus - love the minimalism for myself but it's never going to happen. My life has too much stuff so it would be nice to have one simple minimalistic room. ぼくたちに、もうモノは必要ない。 - 断捨離からミニマリストへ -: 佐々木 典士: 本 ぼくたちに、もうモノは必要ない。 - 断捨離からミニマリストへ -: 佐々木 典士: 本

The frame house | by Igor Sirotov

In case the room is small then the bed will be the primary focus. If possible, place the bed in the middle of the room so that it looks more spacious.

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The Suspended Clothing Rack Today we are having a look at a solution to a reoccurring issue in a lot small homes, lack of closet space. The idea of suspending your clothing rack is to create that much.

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The interior architect Vincenzo de Cotiis — sought after in his native Italy for the dynamic monastery-meets-laboratory approach he brings to designing furniture, homes and hotels — deserves our attention.


You can say that minimalism is only for laconic manly spaces but it’s not true! Minimalist style is perfect for any modern home and can look cozy.


Studio Niels, an architectural firm from Maastricht, the Netherlands, designed an all-white apartment that will appeal to all minimalists and monochrome lovers

The most minimalist bedroom, but with some chairs and a rug, plus floor to ceiling windows

a low bed and a beautiful wooded view of a serene forest are all one needs for rest 20 Minimal Bedrooms - UltraLinx