story of my life.

Every time!

That awkward moment when you can't understand what someone's said even after they've repeated it like ten times.

Story of my life:)


Every time

LOL, so many times I have been here...then I laugh♥

lol, i'm going to claim this next time


hahaha I have my sassy pants on all the time!


oh, I so do this! Mentally respond and then forget to actually text back!

this is me...I can't help it...just text me, i hate getting stuck on the phone for too long...hahah

Story of my life

Teenager Posts...I wish they didn't say I feel it and I'm definitely not a teenager

When their laugh makes you laugh

I could be a morning person... if morning happened around noon. Fact! :)

true story

haha pretty true

haha right!

After an argument I ALWAYS think of the awsome things I could have said. -_- Relatable post #174