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    • Beloved Treasures AUSTRALIA

      Remember: Whatever I am saying is not the thing that I want to say to you. Whatever I am saying has nothing to do with truth, because truth cannot be said. Whatever I am saying is nothing but a hammering. If you become awake, you will see the truth. ~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

    • Beloved Treasures AUSTRALIA

      No forgive, and forget. It’s okay to not forgive in certain situations. The assumption that forgiving the abuser is the benchmark of a completed emotional karmic process is the mistake. It’s another way the new cage movement insensitively vilifies the victim. Have you gone through your emotional process authentically? If you don’t choose to forgive an aggressor, it doesn't mean you haven’t let go yet. Perhaps you are just leaving that to them, and God. The important thing is you feel at peace ☼

    • James Creamer

      The Mermaid Model: Jacque Diane Photographer: James Edward Creamer

    • Colleen Swan

      The Mermaid by James Edward Creamer (Click image)

    • Sandra Cunius

      The Mermaid by James Edward Creamer, via Flickr

    • Nina-Marie Sayre

      The Mermaid by James Edward Creamer

    • Mary G☉


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