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La Luna My Moon

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Good advice to just keep moving forward, and not let the past trip you up. Although....I need to remember this literally as well! >__

look again // #quote


If I had a daughter, I'd agree! This is perfect.

Love my Sistas!!!!



yeah... the story of my life. I've let so many stupid people go. Oh and im not an energy vampire person either. I say NO to bad energies and moaning. (but yes to dancing, glitter, champagne awesomeness and rockn'roll)

The worst feeling

Elizabeth Taylor is always right

This for the ones I have loved and lost. RIP- Dad, Alain, Aunt Betty,Grandma,Tom. Think of you often and will love you forever. xoxoxoxoxo



Good friends forever funny quote

genius vs stupidity

it is what it is.. there are something we can change, all we can do just accept

Google Glass is working on it -Sure wish they would make them for prescription glasses too!