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    Snuff Buckles! Designed to wear the lids of snuff cans. Change them out daily and let them know what you're dipping! Put a lid on it!

    Dip can clock

    Beer bottle cap and coaster table - Imgur

    game. changer.

    never thought i'd see the day where this could be a gift. but today's that day. Dip SPIT Bottle, spittoon, spitter, chew, tobacco, snuff, grizzly, copenhagen, juice, longhorn by Dip Spit,

    Copenhagen tobacco dip can birthday cake! Lid is made of chocolate. #bighorncakes #sheridanwy

    Make a DIY soap dispenser from an old Jack Daniels Bottle

    I'm not knitting socks. You wouldn't want that anyway (you think the sewn toe in regular socks is ouchy .... ) || 21 DIY Projects Your Boyfriend Wishes You Would Make

    Copenhagen lid bracelet for the guys

    Treasure box. Made from a snuff can

    My boyfriend's Valentine's Day present I made !

    For the COUNTRY BOYS---I did this for my boyfriend Ethan for Valentines Day along with some other gifts. This was just a little one to throw in there. It's a can of Copenhagen with the saying "Wont Chew Be Mine".. Creative.

    Valentines Bouquet for a boy... aka a Broquet! Perfect for those guys you don't know what to get for birthdays or anniversaries. Promise they will love it!

    Recycled shotgun shell art Browning hunting deer wall hanger art. I wanna make my boy one!

    Copenhagen Lid >>Christmas Ornaments for a guy tree!!! =)


    Prev1 of 26Next Like most people, I love a good invention, but even the really simple things get me excited. Anything that makes life easier or more comfortable is alright in my book. I’m especially a sucker for clothing items that make my wardrobe less of a hassle. Besides, who doesn’t need a wrist wallet …

    If you think Sharpies are just for writing, you'll want to check out these awesome projects!

    Bracelets made from dip cans. For someone you know, use their favorite type of dip. Get a lid from an old can they have. Copenhagen lids are the easiest

    Fill balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off & they look like giant marbles.

    hmmm i think i could make this!! livin in the sticks u find lids everywhere and you could spray paint this!!