Writing Prompt: Write a story about what happened here. Be sure to include where this van came from and where it was going.

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Uh oh...what happened here? What will happen next? | photo prompt | writing prompt


Awesome photos for writing prompts...some are a little creepy...but there are some GREAT writing prompt pictures here!

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Writing Prompt: 'This is so Wrong!' -- Take the perspective of the cat. Tell what has happened to you. In the course of your story have a dialog with the bird. Don't forget to include the setting the setting and the ending of your story.

Storymatic Classic - $29.95 - set of cards that can be used as writing prompts, as a game, etc. This sounds like it would be really fun and really useful!

what do they see on the other side? Great writing picture prompt.

Writing prompts: What happened? How are they going to get it out? Will it work?

Tell the story

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Writing Prompt: Write about this animal.

Write 3 paragraphs explaining what just happened.

Writing Prompts- 300+ image based writing prompts

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great idea to put in a plastic cover or laminate with post-its that can be torn off for each story.

If I found a pot of gold...bulletin board and writing prompt