Writing Prompt: Write a story about what happened here. Be sure to include where this van came from and where it was going.

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Uh oh...what happened here? What will happen next? | photo prompt | writing prompt

Awesome photos for writing prompts...some are a little creepy...but there are some GREAT writing prompt pictures here!

what do they see on the other side? Great writing picture prompt.

Writing Prompt: 'This is so Wrong!' -- Take the perspective of the cat. Tell what has happened to you. In the course of your story have a dialog with the bird. Don't forget to include the setting the setting and the ending of your story.

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Tons of writing prompt ideas . Created for high school but many could be adapted and used

Writing prompts: What happened? How are they going to get it out? Will it work?

Writing Prompt: Write about this animal.

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65 expository writing prompts for kids. This is going to be WICKED helpful for journal entries!

A jar is filled with simple, kid-friendly questions that turn journaling sessions into FUN! CLICK HERE to print off the colorful writing prompts. Next, cut, fold, and place them in a jar. Have your children/students pick a prompt each day. They can tape it on top of a page in a blank book or copy the questions and then write their responses. They can even add illustrations. I plan on using this writing activity during the summer months with my kids.

I love this! It is so important for students to see models! Using a rubric scale to compare weak and strong writing models is a great way for students to begin to reflect on their own writing!

Story Mountain. I love the added image of the "hook".

Read aloud for helping kids writing stories