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En pareja lo que no se produce en respeto es tóxico y definitivo en lo por venir... Sentir admiración por lo que cada uno hace es todo!CC

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21 Unforgettable Advices on Love Relationships.

Favorite. Song. Ever. This is my theme song for my crush cuz it's the most fitting thing ever. Pretty sure this is gonna be my wedding song. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I don't dance by lee Brice

She was like "Oh my God, this is my song, I've been listening to the radio all night long, sittin' 'round waitin' for it to come on, and here it is" She was like "Come here boy, I wanna dance" 'Fore I said a word she was takin' my hand. Spinnin' me around til it faded out, and she gave me a kiss. And she said play it again, play it again, play it again - Play It Again - Luke Bryan

Outro dia, um amigo veio me falar Que tinha conhecido um outro lugar Que era além da vida, que era além do céu. Pra onde é que a gente vai daqui? "Eu não sei", pensei. O que eu sei, não sei. Amigo, que mais eu posso te dizer? Vanguart.

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