School Daze

this is for you d.d. ...the fifth dimension on the cover of jet (6.1971)

Shalimar on the cover of Jet magazine.

The last print issue of Jet Magazine. Before there was a radio or television in every home during the era of separate and decidedly unequal, JET reflected the lives of African-Americans.

The Brady Bunch - Who didn't love this show?

Spike Lee, School Daze

REDD FOXX and his mother

Jeanne C, Sinkford, D.D.S., Ph.D.; first female dean of an American dental school, Howard Univesity, 1953 Phi Beta Kappa Howard University graduate with a degree in psychology and chemistry; 1958 graduate of Howard University College of Dentistry (Dr Jeanne Sinkford, First Woman to Top Dental Class at Howard in 73 Years - Jet Magazine, July 10, 1958 by vieilles_annonces, via Flickr)

FAME! I'm gonna live FOREVER! :)

Cover photography 8-this is successful because it's black and white and not candid

@catherine gruntman gruntman Turner and I used to watch this show all the time. (It was on before school, I think?...)

"Don't be afraid." That's what Ruby Bridges's mother told her on November 4, 1960. Little Ruby listened carefully to the advice. Soon, four United States federal court marshals, or officers, arrived at the Bridges family home in New Orleans, La., to drive the first grader to William Frantz Public School. A screaming mob was waiting. People stood near the building shouting. Ruby held her head high. With the marshals surrounding her, the 6-year-old walked into the school and into history

Richard Pryor on the cover of Jet magazine, September 1977.

Rags to Riches! I am glad someone else remembers this! I have looked everywhere to see if its available on DVD. One of my all time favorite shows.

jet magazine

80's and 90's

Jet magazine, Jan. 20, 1972 — Redd Foxx & Desmond Wilson and the premiere of 'Sanford and Son'

Wish I had been smart enough to save all those old Ebonys from my parents house for images like this..

This is from "Dances with Wolves"... a favorite movie of mine!!

Sly Stone and family on the cover of Jet magazine, 1974.