• Ericka Oppie

    Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt Again, read in middle school but this book like tortured me... It made me so sad lol but I still loved it

  • lmcaddy

    In Cynthia Voigt's first novel--and the introduction to her Tillerman saga--the four Tillerman children, abandoned by their emotionally ill mother, travel on foot from New England to their paternal grandmother's Maryland farm, in search of a place to call home. ALA Best of the Best for Young Adults.

  • Desiree Pruett

    favorite book

  • Shelly Kunkel

    favorite young adult series! highly recommend

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Bugg Book Series By Stephen Cosgrove

Cicely Mary Barker - Flower Fairies. I looked at these books for HOURS as a kid. My Nanny had them.

list of NON PRINCESS books for girls and other great kid book recommendations. Ages 3-18


The Tillerman Series by Cynthia Voigt # 7 Seventeen Against the Dealer

The Tillerman Cycle by Cynthia Voigt # 6 Sons From Afar

The Tillerman Cycle by Cynthia Voit #5 Come a Stranger

Tillerman Cycle by Cynthia Voigt # 4 The Runner

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Great list!

This is the first in a series of books about a fictional family of kids who are part of the Orphan Trains- that took orphaned and underprivileged children from New York and other large cities to be adopted by families in the Western States who could give them better lives. It's a wonderful series. The pin is a pic of the first book. There are several more. All can be found here: www.goodreads.com...

This is a fantastic series for kids and young adults about the Logan family. It begins during the Great Depression. Beautifully written. Another series that I have kept and re-read periodically.

Duh...how could you not love them?

The classic

Of course, the Little House books. I am not fond of the new full color editions- I'd rather have the ones with the plain illustrations and covers that I read as a kid.

Who could not love Ramona? I read the covers off the paperbacks.

Another great one by Dahl.

Matilda is a great book for kids of both genders. This cover image is the one I remember when I first read it in elementary school

Snugg Bugg is part of a series- The Bugg books by Stephen Cosgrove. I used to love them