Confetti Eggs How-To

Confetti Eggs

Confetti Eggs Hatch some fun: Crack confetti-filled hollow eggs over friends' heads in celebration of the new year. The confetti that comes pouring out signifies all the good days to come.

pfeifen und hüten für die kinderparty zu silvester

Silvesterparty mit Kindern - das wird Spaß machen!

New Years Eve Photo opp Midnight New Year's Eve Party Celebration at Home with Family and Friends

New Years Eve Photo opp- I want to do something like this. I have printing and gluing in my near future!


Help the littlest of party guests get into the celebrating spirit with this New Years party hat craft.

Countdown to "Noon" Year's Party {crafts, photo booth, favors} - Artsy Momma. Photo booth and Hershey kiss firecrackers.

Countdown to 'Noon' Year's Party {crafts, photo booth, favors}

Crafts~N~Things for Children: Countdown to "Noon" Year's Party. Some fun ideas.

Martha Stewart's Crafts for Kids: Homemade Toys and Games - Martha Stewart

Homemade Toys and Games

Templates for Kids

Animal Templates

"Kids' Party Hats" in our Tissue and Crepe-Paper Project Crafts gallery photography

How to make your own New Year's Eve party hats.

New Year's Hats

Create our pwn New Years hat usig plain plastic top hats using strames, stickers, pom poms, etc.

make sarah and duck lables for bubbles favors

You can customize bubble containers for the party favors; their paper bands are affixed with double-sided tape.

#DIY Party Hats -- so fun!

DIY Birthday Party Hats

Party Hats These party hats can be as sophisticated or as silly as you like, depending on the colors and patterns of decorative paper you use. How to Make Party Hats