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    • Cierra Carbajal

      This is hilarious! Made me laugh......... guess inking yourself with someones name is just not a very good idea... ever! Cuz things DO happen..... lol

    • Joanna Hendrickson

      If you are ever stupider enough to get a tattoo of someone's name, this is the only acceptable cover up.

    • Sandi McComish

      And this is why you never get a tattoo of a boyfriend/girlfriend's name! Funny cover up though

    • Morena Valdizon

      why get a cover up, shit happens. Gotta think twice about a tattoo folks

    • Online CDL School

      Shit happens, I would love a tattoo like this.. :L #ink #Tattoo #Art

    • Lydia Breeze

      why get a cover up, shit happens. Hahahahahahahahaha. I laughed.

    • Ashley Hom

      Lol....I don't have a tattoo ...but that is funny stuff!

    • Kylie Walker

      Best Way to cover up a tattoo!!! haha

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    this is just funny


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    This will be my husband and me. lol

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    hahaha i don't have a cat, and i don't want to remove my tattoos... but this is funny!!!

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    This would be my husband and it's never turned to wife! Never!


    This would be my husband if we had a daughter like this.

    Don't like the font but would be great saying in tattoo to cover scar.


    This is so me!! People like my husband!