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    Six Ways to Keep the "Good" in Your Boy: Guiding Your Son from His Tweens to His Teens by Dannah Gresh. One of the most important books I've ever read! “A lot of parents are afraid of these kinds of conversations. You should be more afraid of not having them.” # Pin++ for Pinterest #

    One of the loveliest present-parenting blog posts I've read in a while: "10 Things Children Will Always Remember"

    Why Do Teenagers Rebel? A 19-year-old explains how it doesn't HAVE to happen!

    MUST PIN for both parents and/or teachers --- Life Skills - what kids should be able to do for themselves by age. Great list to reference. Lots of other great stuff on her site too!

    31 Days to Happier Children- lots of great ideas and things to think about to find happiness in your family.

    15 Ways to Show Your Teen Son Your Love #parenting #teens #drrobyn

    raising your son to respect himself

    40 ways to entertain your kids while lying down (when you're sick, pregnant, injured, etc) Every Momma needs a list like this.

    25 Things I Want My Son To Know. This makes me cry.

    So Cute! 'If I Were a Fox' Book.

    Oh, these are good! 7 Things to Prepare A Son to be a Wonderful Husband

    Frederick Douglas said it's easier to build strong boys than to repair broken men. What assets build strong boys and what risk factors put them on a broken path? This post launches a year-long series looking at that question in-depth.

    "If he disobeys, I want the consequence to be a bit of a hassle for me. It prevents me from punishing him without following through and teaching him. It requires me to be involved in the whole process so that we can work on the character issue that caused it. We are a team. I’m his “coach.” If he’s struggling in some area, then I need to walk with him through the consequence, practice right responses and work it out."

    8 Effective Ways To Deal With Stubborn Kids

    7 Ways to Praise Your Children for 7 Days: INSPIRE them

    7 Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Kids: Preschool and Kindergartners

    Do boys need friends too? Yep. Helping Your Son Build Strong, Solid Friendships

    Why are routines so important to kids? Especially young ones? Such good information shared.

    5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son

    if I had a boy would totally do this in his room. Its stick decals so you can move the cars

    Pinner says "This kept my 2 year busy for an entire hour and my 4 year old busy for 2 hours! Drop vinegar tinted with food coloring onto a pan filled with baking soda. Sheer minutes of colorful fizzy fun!"