Will do, pinterest, will do. Lol

;) It's even better that it had a Wreck-It Ralph reference. #brilliant

Diet Coke/Mentos Prank great for April fools

Or um, a crack in time and space...


So glad my boyfriend doesn't have a Pinterest....33 harmless April Fools jokes. :) Will have to try these next yr.

How to look crazy in public...Things you should eat and drink in public. Hahaha/ April fool's pranks

Its happening...

oh this is great! April Fools' Day!

Practical jokes...lol. My co-workers & I used to do this to my old boss Chuck's computer at GT! Funny stuff!


finding nemo


BEST. PRANK. EVER. Haaaahahahahaha

Change all of the contacts in your friend’s phone to the names of Harry Potter characters. | 17 Diabolical Tech Pranks For April Fools' Day

Pranks? Oh yes. It. Is. On.

Kardashians awkward family shoot. why isnt this more popular?!

Will do!!!