Will do, pinterest, will do. Lol

Or um, a crack in time and space...

Diet Coke/Mentos Prank great for April fools

Brilliant. Save this for future reference.

oh this is great! April Fools' Day!

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Omg! I just died. Look harder...

Hahaha!!! Gosh I love him.

Anti pick up lines.

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Worst prank ever. Freeze the water then leave it upside down on the counter!!

oh my gosh, brilliant.

Funny pranks. Hahaha I'm so doing this!

I should run for public office just to see the scandalous dirt they dig up on me. I would really like to piece together my twenties.

This is hilarious.

THis is Hilarious...



Why does this seem like such a good idea to me?!

And you know you shouldn't laugh but you do and then you get a death glare from your friend that you know means, "You'll get yours." And you really laugh out loud then because it hits you all at once that you got your friend in trouble and revenge will probably hurt a lot but you don't care right now because it's all so funny...