Sun Shade.

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So many things... Like the guy to the left of her nice

Funny :)

I would love to say most of these things

this is just good.

My Life.

I wish you'd get out of my life and shut up.

Why our generation is so cynical.

21st Century Dating Problems

Sounds like even Home Depot has caught the 50 Shades Of Grey hysteria

Hahaha probably...

Careful what you wish for LOL

I guess that explains my question with the whole "What is that thing on the lid used for?"

I dont know why but I really laughed at this

Whatcha doing back there... HEY-O!

What's funny is this actually happens.

32 things you should never have to see. Click the picture and you shall die of laughter!

This made me laugh a little too hard. LOL!!!