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The Complete Guide to Interval Training [Infographic]

The complete guide to interval training: targeting maximum fat loss through high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • Lisa Hudson

    The Complete Guide to Interval Training [Infographic] | Greatist - #fitness #fitbody #intervals #HIIT #Tabata #Turbulence #health #workouts #training

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I am officially a HUGE believer in HIIT workouts. If you want to push yourself in a short amount of time, this particular workout looks awesome! Maybe change the 30/10 work/rest to a 45/15??

Failing forward. As a society, I think we are taught to fear failure. Why though? Failure teaches, it can inspire us, and it can give us that feeling of, "oh yes, I will overcome that next time."

CrossFit inspired infographic that categorizes the "Girls" benchmark workouts and provides some interesting facts.

This interval training info graph helps you pick the right workout.

The Complete Guide to Interval Training [Infographic] | Greatist.comHealth and Fitness Articles, News, and Tips –

7 minutes HIIT workout, do every exercise 30 seconds with 2 to 3 session and interval rest for 10 seconds

High Intensity Interval Training in the comfort of your home! Do the entire thing twice through, with a two-minute rest between sets, and push yourself hard during the non-marching sections.

All about interval training! An efficient way to burn calories and lose weight. #Cardio #HIIT #FItFluential

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the lazy girl's guide to interval training

Another workout for your whole body! Remember to do a low-impact cool down as well. Also, this is another one uploaded at a large size, so feel free to print it out!

Try a HIIT Workout: Looking for a new workout routine that will boost your metabolism, burn fat and build muscle? Read about the new HIIT workouts: www.healthcentral...