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Rick Scott’s true TB blunder The Florida governor's rejection of Medicaid funds could prove more dangerous than his closure of a TB hospital

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Matthew Yglesias on

"Rick Scott win means a lot of folks won’t be getting #Medicaid..." (click through to read more)

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Donald J. Drumpf on

Rick Scott is worried about #fangate? I hate fans. Or breezes. Especially Breezes. #uniteblue

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Wingnuts’ tax reckoning: Why Sam Brownback’s job is about to get really miserable

The GOP governor faces a choice: Raise taxes or slash services and further wreck the state?

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(((R.Saddler))) on

Why Even Uber-Conservative States Are Now Bending On #Obamacare … #p2 #libcrib

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MichaelLoBurgio on

Another Red State Admits They Were WRONG About #Obamacare Quietly Accepts #Medicaid |