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    Rick Scott’s true TB blunder The Florida governor's rejection of Medicaid funds could prove more dangerous than his closure of a TB hospital

    BOYCOTT FLORIDA and its entire tourist industry.

    Judge rules Florida Republicans violated law in crafting new congressional map, orders major redraw

    Getting sick in America sucks�

    When the main investments, in the hundreds of millions, of the Bush family is fossil fuels and war ventures you can just imagine what another Bush presidency would be. The world doesn't need another war or more pollution just so the Bush family can make more money.

    The republican-led assault on basic medical care has had devastating consequences for women who need safe and reliable access to abortion. The GOP remains a party that appeals largely to white men and married white women while falling further out of step with everyone else. While spitting vitriol about reproductive healthcare certainly alienates women voters and their allies, being vindictive about poverty, civil rights &other issues virtually annihilates the GOP’s chances of expanding its base.

    Scott Walker...another Republican Koch Bros. Puppet!

    don't lose sight


    Excessive exposure to the GOP bullsh!t mountain can do that.

    Carly Fiorina Has A Laughable, Dangerous Solution To The Paid Leave Problem

    Voting Rights Ruling, Threat To MLK's Dream, Poses Backlash Danger For GOP

    A changing climate and human factors are sending viruses like Zika toward the United States.

    Donald Trump Tries To Make Nice With U.S. Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

    Despite Mass Shootings, Republicans Won't Touch Gun Laws

    McConnell's Multiyear Highway Deal Stalls Right Out Of The Gate

    Donald Trump Could Seriously Damage The Real Republican Efforts To Reach Latinos - BuzzFeed News

    These Companies Made Big Money Off Serving Unhealthy School Lunches