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I found this and it was to a unknown link, but i loved the quote... <3 this is how I feel about my boyfriend.

... this is definitely for my husband. the night before our wedding after the rehearsal when he had to go back home w/o me. we had never been apart for more than 8 hrs. i balled, and balled... my mom had to rock me to sleep that night. inspirations at

Absolutely! You have to be strong enough of a person to get through it though. You have to talk about the things that upset you, make you sad and embarrasse you the most in order to make it.biya always worth it in the end; especially when you have babies!

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Someday. Somewhere. The eyes will both lock on one another & we will not stop being able to stare. We will talk for hours & things will just click & we will wonder where this has been & where the hours go. Our hearts will become one & life will make sense

I don't need a reminder. It is set in my heart forever and ever. I have always known. Missing him only reminds me that I don't have him and reminds me that I lost the one person on this planet that I wanted to love and take care of for the rest of my life