Coolest. Basement. Ever.

Cave house with Cave Pool OMG !

Resort Spa Treehouse, Bali

Future house idea???? Hydrofloors variable depth swimming pool floors can be simultaneously a deep diving pool, a child friendly shallow depth pool or a mid depth pool for exercise and water games whilst also offering the ability to be completely closed for security. The floor just rises and the water filters through!

AMAZING!! THEY SHOULD HAVE THESE AT LIKE EVERY HOTEL!! it would be awesome if it was like hanging over an ocean or lake too!!

Indoor lagoon pool... fkn awesome!!

Pool with waterfall and lights- | ✤LadyLuxury✤

Коста-Брава, Испании ! Качественный сервис от компании Realestatebcn купите дом своей мечты в Барселоне

Home cinema made of pallets

Million Dollar House Ideas – backyard river!!!

underground house

Dream Home pool area

Mediterranean Swimming Pool with Indoor pool, Hayward AstroLite Pool Lighting, Arched window, exterior stone floors

Dream Stove – this is amazing!

Pools |