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    so true

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    • Crystal Anderson

      Letting go of expectations is a part of grieving when you lose someone you dearly love. This is so true.

    • Kerri

      Truth be told. My Grandma Mary wrote this advice to me on a postcard years ago after a bought of painful teenage heartbreak. I thought it seemed so pessimistic and sad at the time. Now, I see how freeing it is to let go of expectation. She was wise, indeed, my Gram.

    • T lawson

      I intend to let go of expectations and accept things as they are right now. If I live in the moment and make the right choice, things will change for the better (if they can). I refuse to compare myself to the end goal when I've only just begun - that steals the joy in the journey. I will be happy with my best, because my best is all I can do and with practice it will just get better and better. :)

    • Nicky Hall

      Expectations is the root of all heartache. - William Shakespeare #quote #words

    • Anne-Marie Jewell

      Wow, I tell people all the time to let go of expectations!!

    • Dani Tauber

      Wise words from a wise man.

    • Tabitha A

      life lesson right there

    • Tammy Clancy

      Expectation quote

    • Tan Pearl

      story of my life

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    How life is "supposed" to be... this is so true, I always imagined my life would've been so much different then where I am now. But, I tend to think not matter what I am doing Gods plan is the best and he'll use me wherever he needs me in this big game of life.




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