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Snowden Retained Expert in Espionage Act Defense

Edward J. Snowden retained a well-known lawyer, Plato Cacheris, last summer in hopes of reaching a plea deal with federal prosecutors, according to people familiar with the case.

Snowden Speaks on Obama Reforms As Supporters Call for End of His Persecution 100,000 petitions in defense of Snowden delivered to State and Justice Departments on Wednesday


In Ancient DNA, Evidence of Plague Much Earlier Than Previously Known

A new study suggests that Yersinia pestis, which causes plague, infected people as long as 5,000 years ago.

New drugs are close to market that promise complete cures in more people, with shorter courses and fewer side effects. But they will not be cheap.


Alan Dershowitz on the Defense (His Own)

Helping a friend accused of sexual offenses led to accusations of misconduct against the prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Now he’s fighting to clear his name.

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Poll Indicates GOP Has Been Deeply Damaged By Shutdown Fight

Republicans in Washington insist they have simply been upholding the wishes of the American people throughout their efforts to block the Affordable Care Act, but a poll released Tuesday tells a very different story. In fact, the latest survey from Quinnipiac University contains a ton of bad news for the GOP. For starters, 72 percent of Americans said they are opposed to shutting down the government in an effort to block implemntation of the health care law. A poll last week also showed a…