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Related Pins love with this. Jerritt Hovey-Brown Hovey-Brown Hovey-Brown if it didn't take 3 men to move my tub i would so take this out into the easter flower field!!! the idea of taking the photo's in the nursery. Smart thinking

Awesome image by Ian A. Linton...would look awesome within a transparent frame on a wall in a very modern bathroom...

top with a ruffle panel down the centre paired with a cute paper-bag waisted dress

Bubbles Type of reinforcement: high-probability behavior (or condition-generalized) Materials needed: bubble liquid (or water, corn starch, and soap) and a bubble wand At the end of a session for a younger child, if they have had no behavioral issues (or got an appropriate amount of tokens for condition-generalized), they get to play with bubbles. Be sure to inform the child of this at the beginning of the session.

This is my silent Pinterest prayer that maybe one day I'll be blessed with a daughter. :)

tiny dancer-why don't any of my photography friends have a shot like this? *cough cough* Hannah!

TGIF Everyone!  So glad to get through this week and know that the next 4 work weeks are at the most 4 day weeks.  I can definitely deal with that.  I wanted to share this little cold kicker tip I ...

Remember: you were a sweet little girl that loved to sit on a swing and sing and you thought that blowing bubbles was an art form. Well, maybe it is?!