How to build safe, warm feral cat shelters with video! (DIY feral cat shelter)

A Guide to Building Feral Cat Shelters

Small Feeding Station for outdoor waldos

4 Steps To Tame A Feral Cat ... from ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers

Cat houses -very simple but warm for feral cats -must remember this!

Feral house

Corner cat tree

^..^ Please reach out & extend a helping hand to the stray and/or feral cat in your life. Learn about the TNR solution!! #feralcat #tnr

Feral Cat Shelters

Your cat can have as much fun playing in this hammock as you have making it.

cat shelters for winter

Feral cat shelter

Safe, Friendly Cat and Dog Enclosures » Home of Habitat Haven

Feral cat shelters

Winterizing for Feral Cats

6 easy, inexpensive DIY cat houses to keep outdoor cats warm this winter!

This is my favorite "Catio" - Cat Enclosure. I like that it looks like a regular pergola and has wire fencing that blends well. Very, very nice!

Feral cat shelter

diy fenced animal shelter; ideas for the cats to safely get to enjoy the outdoors

Awesome idea for a feral cat shelter... a tub with a styrofoam cooler inside! (From Rubbermaid)

How to make a feral cat shelter for the winter. Styrofoam cooler inside of plastic storage container.