How to build safe, warm feral cat shelters with video! (DIY feral cat shelter)

Ultimate Feral Cat Shelter (make it yourself!) Please click on this link for product details and how to design of these shelters yourself.

Feral Cat Shelters

Small Feeding Station for outdoor waldos

Dog House or Feral Cat Shelter

Cat houses -very simple but warm for feral cats -must remember this!

Boy Scout helps to create houses to give feral cats shelter for winter |

Feral house

A Guide to Building Feral Cat Shelters

Wooden Cat Stacking Game. $19.99 - Each set includes six cats in various poses. Laser cut from solid teak, the cats come in 4 different sets including a vast array of cat poses such as the "stretch & yawn", "play time", "shrug of indifference," and the classic "feed me or I'll bite your legs." Cats measure approx. 1" x 1"

4 Steps To Tame A Feral Cat ... from ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers

Winter Cat Care: Baby, It's Cold Outside! | ASPCA Professional

Cedar Outdoor Cat House Shelter RIGHT SIDE SQUARE by ArkWorkshop, $69.95

Easy Winter Cat Shelter - Easy to assemble with readily available, inexpensive materials. A great shelter for feral cats.

This is my favorite "Catio" - Cat Enclosure. I like that it looks like a regular pergola and has wire fencing that blends well. Very, very nice!

Corner cat tree

Heated igloo for stray and feral cats

Cat lady love.

How to Build a Feral Cat Shelter for the Winter