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    How to build safe, warm feral cat shelters with video! (DIY feral cat shelter)



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    How to make a feral cat shelter for the winter. Styrofoam cooler inside of plastic storage container.

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    How to Make a Feral Cat Shelter > A shelter for dogs would require two cardboard boxes, one to fit in the larger, with the straw and so on...

    Dog House or Feral Cat Shelter

    Feral cat shelter

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    Example of insulation for cat shelter - we built a few of these and they are great shelters that last. Just put in fresh straw each year.

    ^..^ Please reach out & extend a helping hand to the stray and/or feral cat in your life. Learn about the TNR solution!! #feralcat #tnr

    Mid Century style feral cat shelter

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    My husband built one of these for our feral cat "Ghost Cat". He, and the other strays, have used it every winter and on rainy days. It is easy to make and they seem to like it.

    Ultimate Feral Cat Shelter (make it yourself!) Please click on this link for product details and how to design of these shelters yourself.

    Send a picture of your dog and they'll make you a stuffed one. And the money goes to help shelter animals. This is awesome! I wonder if they make cats too...

    How to care for feral cats during the winter #cats #animals #winter

    Cat house

    Boy Scout helps to create houses to give feral cats shelter for winter |

    DIY heated igloo for outdoor cats

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