wouldn't mind getting dressed in here every morning!


dream closet

absolutely, yes.

Love this!

Dressing Room Idea


simple closet... clean look. like the barn wood and lighting.

Ohhh myyy goshhh. 2 story closet. Another dream closet for me.

I have found it. The perfect, practical closet that I could maybe actually have one day.

Colorful Closet

First Apartment: Build a naked closet on a bare wall of your bedroom. Hang a curtain rod from the celing and attach a snazzy curtain to pull to cover and viola! new, bigger, and tailored closet to your needs. Ps this mean you now have an empty closet: convert to a cozy reading nook!

repurpose an old china cabinet as a bath towel closet

envious of this closet...some day.

Walk-In Closet Ideas

Attic Closet Storage With Shelf. If you are converting your attic into a living space, include some closet space in your design. Create your attic closet following the layout of the attic space. http://hative.com/creative-attic-storage-ideas-and-solutions/

absolutely beautiful.

white walk-in closet with a mirror doors #decoração #decoration #pin_it @mundodascasas See more here: www.mundodascascas.com.br

Must have this!