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contrasting lines

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites

Incredible detail of tail and back foot from the Petit Cabinet de Curiosites

gecko tail

Fibonacci Spiral - Curled up tail of Panthern Chameleon Circle of Life by Bob Jensen, via


Imágenes de animales maestros en el arte del camuflaje.

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chameleon tail, green and turquoise, Amazing nature / Untitled: Photo by Photographer Igor Siwanowicz.


Natural geometry -- pattern and texture of a chameleon's tail.

.Fantastic colors~

Another of the amazing color combinations in nature. This Iguana is being photographed in ultra-violet light and "glows-in-the-dark".

Lounge Lizard: A chilled-out forest dragon lizard photographed in Jogja, Indonesia, by its 'owner' [the quote marks are mine] (photo by Roni Hendrawan / HotSpot Media)

Whoa...now that's a colorful coat!


the picture shows brighter colors on the reptile to get your eyes focused on it

Sinai fan-fingered gecko (Ptyodactylus guttatus) by reptile street photographer, via Flickr

ratak-monodosico: “ Close-up of the fans and fingers of a Sinai fan-fingered gecko(Ptyodactylus Guttatus) Photo credit: George Cruiser ”

This is one of the world's only pure blue lizards, and unfortunately it's on the verge of extinction. The Blue Anole (Anolis gorgonae) looks like a little slice of sky as it slinks through the dense forests of Gorgona. The lizard is so reclusive and rare that scientists have a hard time even estimating what the total population of the species may be. #The Blue Anole #blue lizard #photography

20 Beautiful And Strange Animal Pictures

Blue Anole (Anolis gorgonae) is one of the world's only pure blue lizards, and is on the verge of extinction. The lizard is so reclusive, rare and inhabits dense forests of Gorgona.