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Lol, soft serve beer foam for the top of your beer to keep it cold.

The Most Hardcore Vending Machine Ever- You have to TACKLE it to get a beer. And if you don't tackle it hard enough, no beer for you! Great marketing ploy by Cerveza Salta in Argentina to get rugby fans to buy their beer. It measures your tackle & rates you from a chicken to a bull!

Red solo cup (koozie)! I fill you up! Let's have a party! Let's have a party!

Magic Hat Elder Betty- If you are lucky enough to live someplace where you can buy Magic Hat beer, get this! It is a perfect summer beer! Wheaty, hint of berry, lots of carbonation! Cool label too.

Think I need to try the Magic Hat Summer Scene beer sampler this weekend. Get in a summer kind of mood.


Lauren on

HILARIOUS!! Can't stop picturing this

"Shhhh! Don't tell him! Hahahahaha!!"