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"Momonga" The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel

Bison in snow

Anna Tighe

Ocean life


( Photographer?)

Endangered~Wolf’s Mona Monkey ;)

Harpy Eagle

An almost full-circle rainbow, seen at the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls Image credit: Nicole Cambre / Rex Features

Bamboo and hydrangea

~~Collared puffbird by dgward55~~


Peacock Pride

Amorphophallus titanum (Araceae), largest flower in the world, blooms for three days once every 40 years.

Lotus flower

Night-blooming Cereus

Nature's Painted Tree: The Rainbow Eucalyptus

Fetal cheetah in the womb

apricot tree

Firefly, Detroit, Michigan

Tony Brown Green Turtle - South West Rocks

Butterfly fish, Hawaii ~ striped by BarryFackler on Flickr*

Rufous-Necked Hornbills - Tom Stephenson

Caracal - Sandra Metzbauer