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{6 Ways to a less worried child} Help a child understand their fears. Discover tools to ease anxiety. Please offer your intentional parenting ideas as well ...

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Quirky Discipline Rules That Work

Quirky Discipline Rules That Work. I LOVE the 8pm Rule. Who am I kidding, I love them all. Some of these can be used in the classroom as well.

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Promoting Positive Behavior

Promoting Positive Behavior - reinforcement strategies! #readforgood

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Creative Consequences for Kids

LOVE THESE! Natural and logical consequences - a few of these are just too smart to forget.

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3 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night

Use your nighttime routine to foster open communication with your child. Talking about these things will helps your child go to bed happily and peacefully, and will warm your heart at the same time!

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8 Surefire Ways to Calm an Anxious Child

Does your kid get anxious or scared? These research-backed tips will help calm their anxiety - and help them manage their OWN stress.

To use in my psych office- Dozens of moms weighed in on what they do each day to help stay calm as a parent. Read this list of 25 Ways to Stay Calm as a Parent and then add your own ideas.

If more people knew how to do all of these things well before adult life, it would make the adjustment a lot easier. (this is quite a list. )

Raising Godly Children. I really like this article, "10 Things To Remember When Your Child Is Disobedient" So encouraging!

"Here’s a few ways to really notice your child. By notice, I really mean appreciate. By appreciate, I mean fall in love with them all over again day after day after day."

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Parenting an Angry Child

It doesn’t serve any of us parents to sit alone wondering if we’re doing something wrong. This post is about the intensity of parenting an angry child. You are not alone, it is hard, and you can do it.

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20 ways to fill your child's love tank on their birthday

The energy I used to spend on big birthday parties is now spent on one simple thing...making my child feel extremely loved and special on their birthday. Here are some unique ways we've done that.

Parenting Your Strong-Willed Child. Awesome advice. Stop the battle of wills and raise kids who understand respect and self discipline. Pin now, read tomorrow and try ASAP!