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  • Laura Christensen

    Top Plants for Terrariums . Terrariums and miniature gardens are popular but require forethought in picking the proper plants ...but to tell the truth picking the right plant for the condition is how is should be done with any type of garden

  • Rachel Blodgett

    Top Plants for Terrariums- been obsessing over terrariums since I saw Penelope. Super excited to try a bell jar terrarium

  • Janie Demkowski

    Top Terrarium Plants- Indoor plants

  • Ashley Troop

    Top Plants for Terrariums. I love love love plants as decorations.

  • Barbara Parker

    14 Top Plants for Terrariums Old-fashioned glass showcases make a comeback using these dozen terrarium plants.

  • Katherine Lambert-Trest

    Easy Terrariums. Better Homes and Gardens has some cool terrarium ideas for those of us who like miniature gardens that are easy to keep.

  • Claire Goodyear

    Top plants for terrariums and house plants

  • Trista Johnson

    @Taylor Johnston...maybe one of our pinterest projects to see if we can do it? Top Plants for Terrariums

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Terrariums are a beautiful addition to desks, dining room tables, or other well-lit spots. Check out our easy step-by-step instructions on how to plant a terrarium.

Philodendron ...the best, beautiful, almost no care, 1 branch will grow a new plant if put in water, in the background of most 40s, 50s movie sets.... whats not to luv!!

Be it the perennial plantations or the seasonal ones, allow yourself to watch a garden grow to perfection with the perfect seeds and saplings being offered at Generic Seeds at rock bottom prices owing to the Generic Seeds Coupon Code and discount offers.

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Rustic glass terrariums bring new life to a room. Get it here:

Miniature Gardens Miniature landscapes allow you to express your style on a small scale. Creating a terrarium, tropical container, or fairy garden is fun and easy to display at the office, in your home, or on the patio.

22 Hard To Kill House Plants - I'd like to add Dracaena to this list. Mine has been indestructible and has been resurrected at least twice now.

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11 best terrarium plants: 1. peperomia caperata ‘variegata’ 2. cryptanthus bivittatus 3. arachnoides simplicior ‘variegata’ 4. pilea involucrata ‘moon valley’ 5. selaginella kraussiana ‘aurea’ 6. tillandsia stricta 7. acorus gramineus ‘minimus aureus’ 8. ophiopogon planiscapus ‘nigrescens’ 9. asplenium bulbiferum 10. saxifraga stolonifera 11. fittonia verschaffeltii var. argyroneura