logical consequences for parenting

End child nagging & negotiating with just three simple words

So many kids today have never been told any of this...

Great lessons.

hold the door lessons for kids.

How to Stop the Whining and Crying: The Happy Heart Technique Whining and crying drives me cuckoo.

SMART!!! Smart way to teach your kids to clean without reminding them or feeling the need to nag them. It is a simple way to teach them that lets them be responsible for themselves.

How NOT to raise a brat. This article is EXCELLENT.

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In my recent post "What a Teenage boy needs most from his Mom," I confessed that the teen years are my favorite.   I love my teen boys, and the glimpses of manhood mixed with occasional remnants of...

Consequences That Actually Work! (Part 3) ~connectedfamilies.org "Forced apologies don’t teach true remorse and reconciliation. Parents can set kids up for sincere reconciliation. (Jesus was always about the reality of the heart, not the outward appearance!)"

Life with boys is often filled with energy, action, and impulsive behavior. Some thoughts on figuring out where to draw the lines when it comes to teaching self-control. {From a Christian perspective}

"Raising Kind Daughters" We hear so much about mean girls these days it overshadows the KINDNESS that occurs in many young friendships. This article shares what I've seen as the mom of four daughters, and what the kind-hearted girls I know all have in common.

20 ways to fill your child’s love tank on their birthday. This is really great stuff.

Youtube is a great place for kids to take a small "breather" from whatever they're doing and cuddle up with mom. Here's some of my favorite YouTube Kids Channels. #pullingcurls

I find it so hard to help my daughter calm down when she gets mad.

How to Raise Thankful Kids in an Entitled World - Raising Mighty Arrows

Stopping Temper Tantrums Before they Start

Winning the Discipline Debates covers a series of the most common (and most frustrating) discipline scenarios between parents and kids.

6 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Stay in Bed -- so you can get some sleep! http://thestir.cafemom.com/toddler/167030/6_tricks_to_getting_your?utm_medium=sm&utm_source=pinterest&utm_content=thestir