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    The Edwardian Teddy Boy - Welcome and Introduction

  • Keiko Biel

    A group of Leeds Teddy Boys in the late 1970's showing the different coloured velvets, use of roll colours and half-moon pockets which were very popular at the time. Note many Teddy Boys at this time would also wear Leather Jackets which were a spin off from the Rockers of the 1960's.

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The States had the Rockers - Levi's, t-shirts, switchblades, pompadours. The Brits had the Teddy Boys - Edwardian drape coats, brothel creepers, razors blades, and quiffs.

in front of the Westfield Hotel, Clarence Parade, Southsea near Portsmouth, Hampshire in 1956

The Edwardian Teddy Boy - Welcome and Introduction

Teddy Boys at the Fairground off the Lea Bridge Road,  Leyton,  London in  January 1955.

The Edwardian Teddy Boy - Welcome and Introduction

The Edwardian Teddy Boy - Welcome and Introduction

A group of Teddy boys find themselves with nowhere to go and hang around on the Old Kent Road at Elephant and Castle, South London, 13th July 1955.

Teddy Boys.Teddy Boy is a British subculture typified by young men wearing clothes that were partly inspired by the styles worn by dandies in the Edwardian period, styles which Savile Row tailors had attempted to re-introduce in Britain after World War II.

But they looked good doing it. | 17 Vintage Pictures Of Dapper British Teddy Boys And Girls

American influence on European teenagers was huge. Rock and Roll idols including Elvis Presley, Bill Hayley, Jerry Lee Lewis and film stars James Dean and Marlon Brando set fashions almost unwittingly. The main looks for teenagers were greasers and preppies. Teddy Boys, quiffs, Brylcreem, poodle skirts and blue suede shoes.

Roger Mayne | 'Teddy Boy and Girl, Petticoat Lane' 1957. Looking at this couple, I just want to know what they were thinking, where were they going…what were their dreams? It's fascinating. #photography