A group of Leeds Teddy Boys in the late 1970's showing the different coloured velvets, use of roll colours and half-moon pockets which were very popular at the time. Note many Teddy Boys at this time would also wear Leather Jackets which were a spin off from the Rockers of the 1960's.

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On the Street….Rue de Rivoli, Paris The Sartorialist

Boni de Castellane

SS13 Look 3

Jeanette "Jennie" Jerome (1854-1921) was one of three pretty daughters of financier Leonard Jerome and his wife Clara. She married Lord Randolph Churchill, second son of the Duke of Marlborough. She had two children, Winston Churchill, the future prime minister, and John. She had many affairs during her marriage, including with King Edward VII. After her husband died, she married a man as young as her sons, which was very shocking for the time. She subsequently married an even younger m...

Teds Teddy boys adopted a look inspired by the prominent artists of the 1950s performing the new music sound – rock’n’roll. As a subculture, teddy boys had a reputation for being troublesome and violent, clashing frequently with authority and famously ripping out seats at concerts. Drape jackets, drainpipe trousers, skinny ties and creepers were compulsory attire. Teddy girls are not as well documented but were just as enthusiastic, sporting denim, Edwardian-inspired blazers and pencil sk...

The Edwardian Teddy Boy - Welcome and Introduction

The Edwardian Teddy Boy - Welcome and Introduction

Teddy boys. These boys were a part of subculture that like to dress similar to dandies in the Edwardian period.

Teddy Boys, Elephant & Castle, London.

Yeah, Teddy Boys were kind of the original punks. | 17 Vintage Pictures Of Dapper British Teddy Boys And Girls

Teddy Boys.Teddy Boy is a British subculture typified by young men wearing clothes that were partly inspired by the styles worn by dandies in the Edwardian period, styles which Savile Row tailors had attempted to re-introduce in Britain after World War II.

Teddy boys and girls

A group of teddy boys enjoy an evening out at the Mecca Dance Hall in Tottenham, London, 1954


Teddy Boys 1950s

The Rockers were another teenage subculture of the '60s, who rivaled the Mods. Rockers preferred to be more scruffy and rebellious. Their fashions included black jeans, leather jackets, heavy biker boots, and accessorized with studs and chains. Rockers often greased their hair into a quiff. The fashion was heavily influenced by bygone decades, namely the '50s and it's rock 'n' roll and style, with rocker poster boys including Gene Vincent and Marlon Brando.