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A group of Leeds Teddy Boys in the late 1970's showing the different coloured velvets, use of roll colours and half-moon pockets which were very popular at the time. Note many Teddy Boys at this time would also wear Leather Jackets which were a spin off from the Rockers of the 1960's.

Lettice Knollys, cousin/frenemy of Elizabeth I, great niece of Anne Boleyn, granddaughter of Mary Boleyn. died at 91, a daily exerciser, having outlived all of her children. Elizabeth I once called Knollys a "she wolf." Hellz yea

Coronation of Henry VIII with notes by Henry On acceding to the throne, monarchs were crowned in a magnificent and elaborate ceremony in which the new king swore to defend the Church. Here the unmistakable hand of Henry has made several significant revisions to the oath.

Execution broadsheet: Execution of Frederick Baker, the man responsible for butchering 8 year old Fanny Adams in 1867. The murder was so gruesome that sailors in the British Navy referred to their (by all accounts awful) tinned mutton as "Sweet Fanny Adams". The phrase came to mean "nothing at all" and is where the phrase "sweet F.A." actually originates.