Musical Minds by Oliver Sacks, Here is a link for a video about Parkinsonism and Music's Ability to Heal with Oliver Sacks #Music #Brain #Health #Oliver_Sacks #Parkinsons_Disease

Alzheimer's Disease and the Power of Music Dr. Oliver Sacks talks about the powerful therapeutic effects of music on people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

A 15-Year-Old With A Huge Brain And An Even Bigger Heart Blows MIT Away

Outstanding reference in the use of Music to help Alzheimer's patients relive a sense of themselves.

"Alive Inside" profiles seven elderly people suffering from dementia and shows the transformation that occurs when they're given iPods loaded with their favorite songs from years ago. Dan Cohen is the Executive Director of Music and Memory, the iPod Project, and he started it in 2006 when he was a social worker. He says it occurred to him to reach out to long-term facilities and ask who was using iPods. He discovered none were.

this made a large lump in my throat~~` The Actual '73 Giving Tree Movie Spoken By Shel Silverstein

Music and the Brain

How Does Music Stimulate Left and Right Brain Function and Why is this Important in Music Teaching?

Exploring Rocks and Minerals - YouTube

15 Studied Effects of Classical Music on Your Brain

INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO - Famous Failures: a reminder that no one was perfect the first time (1:15 min)

My favorite video. Caine is about to have the best day of his life. Filmmaker, Nirvan Mallick, tells his story with warmth and heart. Just love it!

Landfill Harmonic- The world sends us garbage... We send back music.

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One of the Only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain is ... MUSIC. Interesting article on music and neuroscience

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

A comparison between Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons diseases.

Music painting

Nothing Compares to You ~ Sinead O'Connor

15 Things to Say (and NOT say) to a Grieving Person

Your Kid's Brain on Music - Infographic - The Loog Blog and several advocacy links