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Can I add a version of this to my syllabus? Veterinarians Behaving Badly: Corking Fee

I died.

I see you have wranglers and cowboy boots... please excuse me while I take my clothes off.



aaron rodgers loveeee

Clay Matthews



Best in Football!!

Phelps & Lochte -


I can't stop laughing...


yes, yes it is

Ha!! So true....

Hahaha...i do plenty

I'm totally saying this the next time

I can't stop laughing!

Paul Walker. I've had a crush on him since Jr. High...thats like 12-13 years. I usually get over celeb crushes pretty quick but he has staying power in my heart.

My future hubs...Aaron Rodgers

Totally bad...but this made me laugh so hard!

i would totally do this

i'm crying i'm laughing so hard!